AQA Mineral Series

WA T E R D I S P E N S E R S E R I E S  

▪ BWT water dispenser technology for commercial and domestic use, free standing, counter top and under the sink versions available
▪ Suitable for all kinds of residential and commercial applications, e.g. waiting areas, office kitchen, school, hotel lobby, spa & gym etc.
▪ Hot, ambient and cold water supply on demand
▪ Perfect water temperature for hot coffee, tea and cup noodles (100 °C) – to enhance the best flavour
▪ Combination with BWT PURE SLIM RO Series possible
▪ Micro-Processor touch controlled for easiest handling
▪ Multiple safety functionalities
▪ ECO friendly – Energy saving mode for vacation or overnights
▪ Child protection through hot water safety lock

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