AQA nano

AQA nano – Limescale protection

  • BWT safety Reliable protection against limescale, blocked pipes and the unnecessary hygiene risks caused by deposits.
  • BWT drinking water guarantee All valuable minerals are retained in the water.
  • BWT convenience The electronic controller provides a reliable reminder of an annual service
  • Effective limescale protection up to 20 °dH AQA nano

The alternative limescale protection system to prevent and avoid limescale deposits in pipes and boilers up to 20 °dH. Scope of delivery: Connection piece with integrated backwash preventer and connection threads in 1˝, packed ready for installation including mounting bracket and mounting materials (wall-plugs, screws). Suitable for installation in horizontal and vertical pipes.
Mains connection 230 V/50 Hz, water / ambient temperature, max. 30/40 °C (86/104 °F)

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