BWT Limescale Protection


Healthy minerals everywhere in your home
Our drinking water contains dissolved trace elements and minerals, such as magnesium - an important mineral compound for our bodies. It ensures energy metabolism and osteogenesis and gives us energy for everyday life. With AQA total Energy, all mineral compounds are retained in the water and you automatically ingest valuable minerals with your drinking water - day after day, simply with every sip of water. A vital drinking enjoyment for added health and performance. Improve your drinking habits and your well-being through conscious drinking water enjoyment - with AQA total Energy, you can make your tap into a sparkling source of energy with valuable drinking water

Easy to use – New cartridge technology with disposable refill

The completely new cartridge technology ensures optimal hygiene and simple handling when exchanging cartridges: Standardised cartridge-based con

struction: always designed with HydroModul quick connection, so that the active unit can be separated quickly and easily from the device.

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