Multi S

 Multi S
Provide reliable protection against dirt particles in the water. They remove dirt sediments and substances from water, contaminants such as iron (up to 1 ppm) and manganese, as well as turbidity, colouring and unpleasant odours and taste e.g. chlorine.

Technical specifications: Nominal pressure 10 bar (145 psi), operating pressure 2-8 bar (29-116 psi),
water-/ambient temperature, max 30/40 °C (86/104 °F), electrical connection 230 V/50 Hz, unit voltage 18 V

For Replacement, activated carbon filter element (ACF) and/or re-filling filter material is available. Regarding filling material, BWT offers special replacement kits containing all different filter media´s in the exactly quantity you will need to refill Multi S2000 and Multi S3000. Each kit contains in detail these filter media: a) support gravel, b) Minox and c) multi filter media. We would strongly recommend to replace via replacement kit and filter element.

Proven process know-how condensed into a domestic filter system
High quality multi media filtration system
Filter Media Bewasorb K111 , Minox S & Bewasorb IXC  

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