BWT Bewamat 25A & 75 A

BEWAMAT 25 A & 75 A  


Save money with soft water: Our high-performance units

Soft water enhances the cleaning power of washing and cleaning agents, thus saving you up to 50 % of the costs of soaps and detergents. That’s a real load off the environment and your wallet. But you also save money when you heat up the water. When operated. with fossil fuels, a 2 mm thick limescale coating on heating surfaces increases energy consumption by 20 % and this of course shows up in the heating bill. Limescale deposits in electric boilers damage the heating elements and this results in high repair costs

Convincing results and state-of-the-art

Bewamat 25 A and 75 A with efficient operation and supply your entire household with wonderfully soft water

  • Consumption-controlled with automatic disinfection
  • Individually adjustable water hardness level - completely in line with your needs
  • With intelligent automatic regeneration that adapts to your wishes
  • With intelligent automatic regeneration that adapts to your wishes
  • Our products are developed in accordance with European quality and authorisation standards, which are the strictest in the world and exceed the
    usual international standards

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