BWT pearla Silk

Enjoy, protect and save with BWT Pearl Water

Smart design – performance driven
The BWT Perla silk has been designed to compliment today's busy lifestyles, and to deliver copious amounts of perfect softened water efficiently with
very low levels of water and salt consumption.

Meeting the demands of modern living
Luxurious silky-soft BWT Pearl Water is great for the whole family. Tough on sacale and scum, kitchen and bathroom cleaning times are reduced, leaving more free time for you and the family. It will bring a new dimension to washing, bathing and showering. Used shampoo, soaps and detergents wash away more easily leaving your hair clean and shiny and clothes soft to the touch

Main Features:

  • Hardness regulation by BWT blending valve
  • Automatic self desinfection
  • Consumption-controlled with automatic disinfection
  • Individually adjustable water hardness level - completely in line with your needs
  • With intelligent automatic regeneration that adapts to your wishes
  • Our valves and electronic components offer you state-of-the-art technology - that you can only get from BWT, Europe’s leading water treatment company
  • Our products are developed in accordance with European quality and authorisation standards, which are the strictest in the world and exceed the usual international standards
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