AQA perla XL

AQA perla XL
The AQA perla XL is developed for high flow operation and steadily high water consumptions.
The system features a high capacity mode with an adapted salting rate for a significantly increased capacity - for steadily high water consumptions as seen in asian markets. Therefore, bigger resin bottles are used as in the standard model for an increased capacity.
The AQA perla XL is suitable for the softening of drinking and domestic water for the protection of water pipes and their fi xtures and connection equipment, boilers, etc. against malfunctions and damage resulting from limescale deposits. 

The AQA Perla XL is a duplex water softener based on the ion exchange principle. The system is operated with columns which permanently change at short intervals. On the one hand, this method ensures that soft water is also available during a regeneration process, while on the other hand the frequent column switches minimise stagnation times. Based on chemical and microbiological parameters, this method results in a signifi cantly higher water quality than with conventional duplex softeners. Regeneration is triggered based on the volume of water

AQA perla- duplex softener with soft control touch screen and intelligent brine suction
Following new features are available now:

  • The ntelligent operating system soft control 3
  • Multi- Info touch screen for more convenient operation
  • Screen saver with contact e.g. plumber's telephone numbers
  • Smart metering - consumption Ievels always in view
  • Aqua-Watch-Alarm function for untypical water consumption
  • USB connection for transfer to your consumption data
  • Precision mineralisation for economic regeneration
  • Low energy requirements thanks to the electronic power supply unit AQA Perla XL Duplex soft water system including
  • 2 m rinsing water hose
  • 2 m overrun hose 18 x 24
  • AQUATEST hardness testing device
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