Multi C

Multi C
The BWT Multi series offer the unmatched BWT quality standards, high removal efficiency, active monitoring and automatically controlled cleaning cycle, while offering a compact design and user-friendly operation. Effectively removes chlorine, contaminants, sediments, suspended solids and other pollutants. Filter for the removal of dirt particles, colour, bad odour and tastes, such as chlorine compounds etc. Additional removal of iron. Clean water from the first litre onwards. Automatic volume controlled efficient backwash

Technical specifications: Nominal pressure 10 bar (145 psi), operating pressure 2-8 bar (29-116 psi), water-/ambient temperature, max. 30/40 °C (86/104 °F), electrical connection 230 V/50 Hz, unit voltage 18 V

Proven process know-how condensed into a domestic filter system
High quality filter media Bewasorb K111
Automatic volume controlled backwash  

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