Multi-layer Filters

BWT Multis  


Taking nature as a role model Multi-layer filtration – our proven process know-how

Many modern filtering methods have their origins in nature, for example the multi-layer filters. During seepage, the water flows through different layers of soil from sand, gravel or other rocks and is filtered slowly into clear ground water on its journey

BWT has developed it’s expertise over many years in the large scale process business for municipalities and the industry. This proven process know-how has now
been transferred and condensed in a domestic filter system: The BWT Multi filter range! If it comes down to remove dirt particles, bad odour and tastes, such
as chlorine compounds, but also iron, manganese or even heavy metals e.g. lead copper, nickel and arsen. BWT can offer the right filtration product specifically
designed for your needs. The excellent water quality is achieved by the ideal combination of the correct filter media appropriately operated. Depending on the type of target and water issue we offer different high-end filter media compliant to German DIN standards - for safe and perfect results.

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