BWT Hygiene Management


Use of solar power instead of chemical water treatment. UV light destroys bacteria naturally, no harmful chemicals or by-products, no impact on taste and smell of the water
Reliable and safe disinfection. All Bewades are designed on a dosage of 400 J/m2 being by all major drinking water standards (USEPA, DVGW, etc.) regarded as sufficient for a 4 log reduction (99.99%) of viral pathogens, bacteria and protozoa.
Highest Quality. All stainless steel chambers (1.4571 / 1.4404) are welded in our German manufactory in Schriesheim near Heidelberg
Low maintenance costs. Lamps that last up to 15,000 hours thanks to a highly efficient quality coating
Simply to install and easy service lamp exchange
Low head losses. CFD- optimized hydraulically design ensures safe water disinfection and saves energy costs


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